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Learn digital marketing skills from experienced marketers, while working with a real American company.

Our Student Testimonials

Awesome Experience!

What I loved the most about this academy was that I realized that I didn’t know as much about marketing as what I thought! I learned the “behind the scenes” of creating a website to the point where you actually make it work and for it to appear online. The instructor (Mr. Chris) is a very good instructor who explains the content and concepts very throughly. He is also very patient because I knew nothing about digital marketing and he was always willing to take time to explain. Mr. Matt was also very helpful and always guided us and motivated us. Our mentor Mr. Sherzod was also very helpful and patient. Overall, the whole team was great at making sure that we’re getting to where we are supposed to get. I am thankful for this opportunity, thank you E-Impact Academy.

Alpha Muya

A Great Experience!

It was a great experience working with E-impact team I enjoyed being a part of them even it was for a short time but I learned a lot and it opened my mind to how the marketing works here. I will love to continue learning this cause it’s really fun. Special thanks from E-impact team for making this happen.

Sayed Sadat

Learned a Lot!

I never expected digital marketing is huge like this, I thought digital marketing is only a website banner or email and this stuff but now I am seeing with a developing website you can do a lot regarding digital marketing such as keyword research, competitors and etc. I am so interested to go forward and do more with SEO. I like the design part as well by using WordPress you can do anything with your website. We learned a lot from analytics software Google Analytics, SEMRush and etc. Thank you for helping us and showing us new way and new skills. I hope I can do more in SEO in future.

Hasan Qurbani

Enjoyed Learning New Things

Mehammad Abdu Abdella

Why E-Impact Academy?

E-Impact Academy was formed to provide an affordable digital marketing training program to refugees, immigrants, and others looking for an opportunity to learn a life skill. We work with local businesses who need a website for their company and students get real-world experience in building a digital marketing strategy for a company.

Learn from Experts

Training is provided by the marketing team at E-Impact Marketing and others. We are a team that lives and breathes digital marketing day in and day out and that means you are learning from a team of experts.

Work with a Real Company

We believe that to learn the art of digital marketing, you should do it in a real-life experience. That is why work with local businesses that need a website. Their investment gives you the chance to learn.

Scholarships Available

Because businesses are sponsoring the program through getting a website, we offer free scholarships to select students. We prioritize immigrant students in our scholarship selection program.

Mentoring and Review

Besides formal classroom time, E-Impact Academy offers mentoring and review as a project proceeds. We want to ensure that every project is a world-class project that will serve the business that is sponsoring.

What Will You Learn?

There is a lot to learn in the world of marketing! E-Impact Academy allows students to learn business and marketing concepts in a class format and apply them to a real-world project.

American Business

Understanding the American Business world is key to providing a solid website.

Interviewing a Client

Interviewing a client helps gain an understanding of their products or services.


Who are your client's customers? Unless we know that, we cannot do good marketing.

Content Writing

Writing quality content on a website is key to making it rank well.


Search Engine Optimization is the bulwark of digital marketing. We help break it down.


A Sitemap helps a marketing professional envision the pieces of a website.


We build websites on the most popular CMS in the world so students are prepared.

Keyword Research

Understanding search patterns is key to building a website that works.

English Training

If English training is needed, we provide options for learning and growing.

Meet The Directors

E-Impact Academy instructors are all practicing digital marketers. The skills we teach at E-Impact Academy are the same ones we apply every day at our marketing agency, E-Impact Marketing.

marketing academy trainer

Chris Stoltzfus

Course Director (Lancaster)

matt marketing guy

James Charles

Course Director (Brooklyn)

Application Process

Online Application

Fill out the form to apply for the training program. We will review your application.

In-person Interview

Come to our office for an interview. In this interview, you will meet some of the training team.

English Exam

We will provide an English Exam to assess the level of English training needed for the program.

Scholarship Eligibility

Many students are eligible for full or partial scholarships. Do not let cost prevent you from applying!
We will determine your eligibility for a scholarship during the application process.

Program Cost

Many students are eligible for full or partial scholarships. Do not let cost prevent you from applying!
For businesses sending their employees to learn marketing skills, the standard cost is $5,000 per 12-week course (including six hours of class and mentoring time per week).

Application Form

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