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Get a website for your company while helping refugees and immigrants learn a life skill.

What’s included in your website?

An Onboarding Interview

We will meet with you for a 1-2 hour interview. In that interview, we will discover what it is you do, your customers, etc.

Keyword Research

During our training, we will research the keywords that people are searching for when looking for your products or services.

Content Development

We will work with the trainees to provide website copy that is customer-centered and helps meet your customers where they are.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website from E-Impact Academy will be SEO Optimized so the people searching for your products or services can find you.

Email Marketing

An email marketing application will collect any leads your website brings in for remarketing via email or automations.

Analytics and Tracking

We set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can make decisions about future marketing plans.

Submitted to Search Engines

Your website will be submitted to Google and Bing so their monkeys can crawl your site and people can find you there.

Built on WordPress

E-Impact Academy sites are built on WordPress. This allows you to take your digital marketing further if you wish.

Growth for the Future

Looking for an ongoing Growth Marketing plan? Our parent company, E-Impact Marketing can help you grow in the future.

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